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This course is designed for the Executive Protection Agent who will be carrying an Electronic Control Device (ECD) while on duty. This course focuses on the Taser X1, and conducting manipulations and functions around this device. The student will also understand where the ECD fits in the Use of Force policy, as well as how to report if deployed. There will also be a section on targeting and tactics when using the ECD—whether as a single agent or two-agent unit. Each student will be tested via written examination, practical application, and response to scenarios.

Learning Goals

- Understanding the Taser X1 and how it works to include proper functionality and reloading.

- How the ECD fits in the Use of Force policy and how to write a report if an ECD has been deployed.

- Be able to perform ECD tactics as single agent and two-agent unit

- Be able to pass the Electronic Control Device written exam

- Understand use of Drive-Stun

- Be able to pass two reality-based scenarios

Topics of Instruction Include:

- Nomenclature of Taser X1 / Cartridges

- Use of Force and Policy review

- Informing dispatch of ECD deployment and requesting local Law Enforcement and EMT

- Report Writing

- Triangle and how to use it for ECD

- Optimal angles for ECD deployment

- Use of Barricade and Cover

- Target Areas

- Deploy Taser at Target, on whistle, turn taser off, re-load, and fire second Cartridge


Classroom instruction and Practical exercises


Successful participants will be awarded a CERTIFICATE OF QUALIFICATION for this program. Each certificate includes a three-tier ranking designation based upon individual performance: Proficient, Highly Proficient, or Exceptionally Proficient. Individuals who fail to meet the standards of this training program will not be certified by the Training Operations Group.

Training Hours

This is a 1-day, 8-hour course. Instruction and exercises run from 08:00 to 17:00

Registration & Confirmation

Participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodations, and personal insurance (if desired). Accepted applicants will be notified as early as possible to allow ample time for arrangements and reservations.

Requests for enrollment from employees and users will be received and addressed no later than three business days. If you have questions or concerns about the enrollment process please contact John Lower, Training Manager, | Email: If you have questions about the course, please contact Gary Drake, Senior Training Manager | Email:

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